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Particularly adept when it comes to advising on technical and complex employment law problems.

I have over thirteen years experience in dealing with employment disputes.

Examples of my employer clients include local authorities, Chief Constables, FTSE companies, small businesses and companies just starting out.

As a public access qualified barrister, I am able to accept instructions from companies and members of the public directly. This means that I work with you or your business in trying to achieve the best result. I provide a wide range of employment law services and the situation doesn’t need to be at the Tribunal stage in order for you to seek my help. Indeed, I am often at my most effective when I am brought into a situation early on.

Whilst I am an advocate and have core skills, training and experience in representing people and businesses in the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal, much of my public access work takes place outside the Tribunal, advising businesses about their situation or drafting contracts, policies and procedures that can be used in the workplace.

I am approachable, pragmatic and with over thirteen years experience in employment law, I have encountered most of the conceivable situations that can arise. One of the main reasons to use my services is my judgment and experience providing you and your business with options to enable you to decide the route you wish to take.

Whilst I am based in the North East of England, I have a significant amount of experience in appearing in Tribunals in Scotland, particularly Glasgow and Edinburgh. I am happy to travel for meetings or to represent my clients at a Tribunal and I have dealt with employment cases in Leeds, London, Croydon, Watford, Bedford, Manchester, Birmingham and Leicester. I also have a second base in the South West of England and would particularly welcome instructions in Bath, Bristol and Wiltshire.

The type of work that I can undertake includes:

  • Providing advice before, during and after an Employment Tribunal claim
  • The drafting of your defence to an Employment Tribunal claim (ET 3)
  • Advising you as to how your defence of a Tribunal claim can be conducted
  • Providing representation at the Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal
  • Drafting and negotiating settlement agreements
  • Drafting employment contracts and policies for use in the workplace

If you work with me, you can expect:

  • The services of a genuine expert with over thirteen years experience in employment law
  • The advice of someone who has encountered most situations that can arise in employment law and will seek to understand the nature of your business and how you operate
  • Discussion and agreement on the best way forward
  • A clear explanation of the cost
  • Friendly and approachable service, looking to achieve the best result possible

Any work undertaken will be agreed in advance. Generally, the use of a barrister will be cost effective and we will discuss the best way to utilise my services. Sometimes, a saving can be made by some of the work being undertaken internally within the company. Public Access fees need to be paid in advance of the specific item of work being undertaken.

I am unable to conduct litigation as part of public access work. This means that I will not go on record with the Employment Tribunal and receive correspondence from the Tribunal on your behalf. Instead the company will be named and will receive any correspondence from the tribunal directly. My experience is that this does not adversely affect the level of service that you can expect to receive.

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