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Drafting Contracts, Policies and Procedures

I am usually able to draft contracts, policies and procedures on a fixed fee basis so that you have the certainty of knowing how much it will cost in advance of the work being undertaken.

Whilst there are clauses that should be in every contract, it is important to make sure that you have the clauses that you need in order to make sure your business operates effectively.

When drafting contracts, we will discuss the kind of employment relationship that you are looking to have and the best way to achieve that. It is essential that thought is given to this point at an early stage.

I can also draft clauses that help protect your business from employees taking confidential information with them when they leave employment.

It is also important to understand the differences between a contract and a policy. They have different purposes which can often be confused.

A good example of a tailored policy is a social media policy. There is little point in saying to a business that “you should have a social media policy” if all that occurs is that a standard one size fits all document is provided. A good social media policy is tailored to the type of work undertaken by the business, taking into account how customers are interacted with and consideration is given to what elements should be in the contract and what elements should be in the policy

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