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Employment Tribunal Fees Order Unlawful

The Supreme Court has held that the Employment Tribunal Fees Order is unlawful.

You can read a copy of the Judgment here:


I will post some more detailed thoughts at another date, but for now I pose the following questions:

  1. What happens to those who are issuing claims this week, today even?
  2. What happens to C’s who have paid a fee? Presumably as the fee is unlawful the fee must be returned.
  3. What happens to C’s who have paid a fee but have recovered the fee from R? What can R do?
  4. If C was prevented from bringing a claim by the fees regime, is it possible for them to bring a claim out of time?
  5. What will the fee regime look like in the future? Lady Hale has attempted to provide some guidance in that respect.

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