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Employment Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees

The government has confirmed that fees are to be introduced for the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal from 29th July 2013.

You can view the announcement here:

Whilst the level of fees has been set, the specifics of their implementation continue to be worked upon with HMCTS. I will blog in more detail once the specifics are finalised.

The detail will matter. As of 29th May 2013, unanswered questions include:

  • If fees and/or remission wont be dealt with at the Employment Tribunal counter (unlike the County Court), will the Tribunal still accept claim forms presented in person?
  • Is it a mandatory requirement for the fee to be paid the same time as the claim form?
  • What counts as ‘presentation’ for the purposes of calculating time limits?
  • What happens with fees in respect of amendments where a more expensive jurisdiction is added?


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