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I thought I would take advantage of the brief lull in employment law news to issue a small plea. Employment law is an interesting subject. It is something that I feel passionately about. Nonetheless, I find it to be all the more interesting when I am able to engage in discussion with fellow professionals.

There are different ways of getting involved. One way is to join Twitter. Provided that it is used sensibly, Twitter can be a fantastic way of keeping up to speed with employment law developments via the #ukemplaw hashtag. The other is to join organisations such as the Employment Lawyers Association (ELA). I attended the annual conference earlier this year and found it to be both informative and sociable. Importantly, both Twitter and the ELA allow me to interact with employment lawyers outside the confines of Newcastle.

For those of you that take a less sanguine view of the profession, I hope to restore your faith. I am strongly of the view that being a good employment lawyer requires not only good client care skills, but also an ability to interact with your fellow professionals. On a completely non scientific basis, I would put forward this hypothesis – those who feel that have least to prove in the profession are often the most personable – and the most effective. On the other hand, posturing and self-importance often distract from the key points. The Tribunal process is about the client, not the lawyer.

Having got involved, I have a more positive view of employment lawyers generally. I would recommend it to you.

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