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Taxation and the Termination of Employment

I have recently prepared and delivered a talk on taxation and how it relates to payments made in respect of termination of employment under the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.

This is an area which has increasingly become a necessary part of everyday knowledge for practitioners and businesses. For my part, I have regularly had to deal with issues as they arise in settlement agr eement and before the Tribunal, including on appeal to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

I am now looking to roll the talk out to a wider group. The talk is particularly suitable for those who are looking to gain a better understanding of this area or those who have some experience but are looking to solidify their knowledge.

The talk lasts approximately one hour and covers the following:

  • The distinction between s.62 payments and s.401 payments
  • The operation of the £30,000 exemption
  • The distinction between a Judgment of the Tribunal and a settlement
  • Particularly tricky issues such as the taxation of injury to feelings awards
  • What ‘grossing up’ actually means
  • The reforms currently being considered by government
  • Any other questions that you may have

To begin with, I am looking to present this to solicitors firms, HR firms and businesses within the North East. If you are interested in the possibility of my visiting your firm to present this talk, please contact me on

If you are interested in receiving training, but would like it on a different topic, I would be happy to discuss this. You can see my training page here

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