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Equality and Diversity Training

The provision of equality and diversity training is taking on a greater prominence in the workplace. When done well and reinforced throughout the organisation, it can assist in the defence of discrimination claims and prevent reputational damage. 

Some professions are developing regulatory requirements requiring practitioners to have received training in equality and diversity.

Some employers will look to rely upon the provision of equality and diversity training as one step in establishing the ‘statutory defence’ to potential discriminations claims under the Equality Act 2010. In general terms, the statutory defence is where in defence to a claim of discrimination, the employer asserts that they took all reasonable steps to prevent the discrimination and therefore should not be liable for the acts of their employee.

I can also deliver training where an employer has identified a particular training need within an organisation. For example, where findings have been made as a result of a grievance and further training has been suggested as part of the outcome.

I am able to deliver the courses to solicitors firms, public or private sector businesses or other organisations.

As with employment law training, I am happy to tailor the course to your organisations needs. The most basic course is likely to last around an hour and a half. The more comprehensive the course, the more likely the employer will be able to use the training as one aspect of the statutory defence.

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